Beyond Monoclonal Antibodies: How a Range of Immune-Based Therapies Are Changing Multiple Myeloma

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At the recent Myeloma 2014 meeting in Boston, Patient Power spoke with co-chair Dr Ken Anderson from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA. In this video, Dr. Kenneth Anderson shares his excitement, suggesting that, more than ever, patients have good reason to feel confident in the face of this complex and heterogeneous disease. While newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients have good reason to be optimistic in the light of recent advances in treatment, a subset of patients with high-risk and relapsed disease continue to receive little benefit from the gold standards of therapy. Even as immune-based therapy using monoclonal antibodies continues to mature and become available to larger groups of patients, researchers are pressing forward with research into a wide-range of immune-based treatments to treat the full spectrum of disease.

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Page last updated on January 26, 2016