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Patient Power founders, Andrew and Esther Schorr, held a free session, "Patients 2.0: Taking Back Control and The Tools to Do It" as part of Health 2.0's multi-day conference in Santa Monica, California. The below videos featuring patients and care partners sharing tips on how to gain back control were shown during the session. We hope you enjoy them and find them helpful! 

 Download the many helpful tips and pointers to resources that could help you and your loved ones take back control of your journey toward better health.  These suggestions were assembled during the Patients 2.0 workshop.  Please share!

Patients 2.0 Videos

Cynthia Chmielewski: Regain Control on Your Cancer Journey

Cynthia was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2008 and is in partial remission. Watch as she shares her tips for regaining control of your cancer journey.


Matt Ellefson: Lung Cancer Patient Shares Critical Tips

Matt Ellefson has been living with stage IV lung cancer for eight years. Watch as he shares his four critical tips for surviving cancer long term.


Beatrice Larroque: How Can I Ask for Help?

Beatrice is a single mother who was diagnosed with essential thrombocythemia (ET) and myelofibrosis. Watch as Beatrice discusses the importance of asking for and accepting help during treatment.


Meryl: The Importance of Advancing Research

Meryl is a care partner and Co-Pl for the PCORI Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Patient and Caregiver Powered Research Network. Her husband and mother both have Alzheimer’s disease. Hear her story as she discusses the importance of advancing research.


Rebecca Seago-Coyle: How Can I Manage Anxiety?

At the age of 35, Rebecca was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not knowing what the future holds is scary, but she shares tips on managing anxiety and how to live well during treatment.


Brian Theiss: Turning Suffering Into a Positive

Health and wellness expert Brian discusses how to turn the suffering that can come along with illness into a positive, as well as seeing the bigger picture.


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Page last updated on August 27, 2019