Ask the Expert: Understanding Lab Tests and Lab Test Results

When diagnosed with a serious health condition, making sense of your blood work can be vital to gaining a better understanding of your disease. What do my lab tests mean? Are these changes meaningful?  In this important "Ask the Expert" series, Dr. Susan Leclair, a laboratory scientist and professor at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth explains how you can improve your relationship with your doctor, communicate more actively, better understand your tests and test results, and hopefully, get better care. If you have questions related to laboratory tests for Dr. Leclair, submit them now to

Can Myeloma Be Diagnosed Early Through Chemistry and Hematology Panels?

Dr. Susan Leclair breaks down the details of chemistry and hematology panels in diagnosing myeloma.


Can Calcium Values Help Diagnose Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma?

Dr. Susan Leclair talks about the role of calcium values and its impact on diagnosing non-Hodgkin and Hodgkin lymphoma. She explains that calcium values affect cells directly and that cell death and turnover is found primarily in the lymph nodes of patients with Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and not usually in the blood.


Which Patients Qualify for Calreticulin Testing?

Dr. Susan Leclair discusses how physicians recommend calreticulin testing for patients who exhibit blood issues similar to myelofibrosis and thrombocythemia. Both conditions are revealed in the blood, and calreticulin tests should be taken into consideration for optimal diagnosis.


Will a New DNA Standard Shape Accuracy of Test Results?

Dr. Susan Leclair addresses the implementation of new DNA testing which will raise the standards in the U.S. Testing will have uniform regulations and results across the country. Dr. Leclair emphasizes the strict protocols in laboratory testing provide accurate test results.


Is a CBC Foolproof?

Dr. Susan Leclair allocates the truth about foolproofing a CBC. She contends the impossibility of any test being foolproof and discusses the inevitable circumstances and factors that can affect the consistency of CBC test results.


What Blood Tests Are Done to Identify Inflammation in Polycythemia Vera?

Dr. Susan Leclair speaks on the ineffectiveness of existing blood tests in identifying inflammation in polycythemia vera (PV) patients. Blood tests are only able to identify whether or not inflammation exists, but are not yet equipped to answer the holistic questions of why and how inflammation develops. Leclair says it will take another 5-10 years to have a better grasp of inflammation as a disease process.


Can Hydration Influence Hemoglobin Test Evaluation?

Dr. Susan Leclair contends that hydration does influence hemoglobin levels during a test evaluation. She examines when patients hydrate in relation to the time they are evaluated and concludes that in order to attain consistent hemoglobin levels, patients should receive their evaluation at the same time during the course of each visit.


Understanding Cancer Diagnostic Blood Tests

Dr. Susan Leclair has over four decades of experience in the field of medical laboratory science. She contends there are three levels of cancer diagnostic blood tests which elicet different data. Each level of testing should be considered according to each patient’s stage of prognosis.


A Look Inside the Bone Marrow: Understanding Red Blood Cell Index Tests

Blood tests provide physicians with a large concentration of data. Using basic math, Dr. Leclair descriptively illustrates how the various red cell index tests tell the story of what is happening deep inside your bone marrow.


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Your Submitted Questions Answered 

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Follicular non-Hodgkin lymphoma: What are the key lab tests?

Is there a way to detect what the dead WBCs have spent their last hours attacking?

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WBC fluctuation in CLL

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What exactly does a 17p deletion mean?

Is DLBCL for non-Hodgkin lymphoma a different diagnosis than Richter's transformation?

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FISH test in CLL: What do trisomy 12 mutation and IgH-V unmutated mean?

Watch and wait: Will changing my diet contribute to better blood test results?

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Is the percentage of cells with a genetic mutation relevant?

Lymphocytes and reactive lymphocytes

Are you planning to include info about T-cell LGL?

What is the significance of constant low lymphocytes?

Should I be worried that my WBC count is high?

Does del(13) (q12q22)(2) take a special probe?

When is biopsy/surgery recommended?

Why is my hemoglobin level dropping?

Which therapy is best for an 11q deletion?

Blood cells' reaction to cold agglutinins

Should peripheral blood smears be manually read?

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Lower than normal lymphocyte counts due to PV

Potential significance of an enhanced level of lambda protein in MGUS

Rigorous long-term exercise and CLL

Monocyte values

Genesis of NK cells and difficulties with blood draws

Is PSA figured as a percent to total blood volume?

Why are levels for MCH, MCHC, MCV and MPV tracked for CLL?

Normal blood results in watch and wait

What is the connection between LDH levels and myelofibrosis?

When is it time to begin CLL treatment?

What does the shape of a cell mean?

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