Ask the Expert: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

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Patients With a 17p Deletion: Understanding Disease Behavior and Treatment Options

What is the course of care for CLL patients with a 17p deletion? Watch as CLL expert Dr. Richard Furman explains what to know about prognostic markers and understanding clinical behavior.


Where Is Research Today on CLL Vaccines?

Has any progress been made on vaccines for CLL? Watch now as CLL expert Dr. Richard Furman gives an update on where clinical research is today.


Can Tests Reveal a CLL Patient’s Potential for Developing Treatment Resistance?

Can tests show whether a CLL patient will eventually develop treatment resistance? Watch now as CLL expert Dr. Richard Furman shares research on patients with mutations and clinical relapse.


When Is It Appropriate for CLL Patients to Do an MRD Test?

Is it appropriate to do an MRD test to see how deep CLL remission is? Watch as CLL expert Dr. Richard Furman explains when testing is recommended and how MRD test results impact management of CLL.


Should Novel Agents Always Be Used in the CLL Frontline Setting?

What are new combination therapies for patients with relapsed CLL? Watch now to hear expert Dr. Richard Furman explain CLL treatment updates, the course of care after relapse and use of novel agents.


Are Body Cramps a Side Effect of CLL Treatment?

Are body cramps a side effect of a CLL treatment? Watch now as CLL expert Dr. Jeff Sharman discusses pains and cramps and ways to manage side effects.


What Options Are Available for CLL Patients Who Relapse After Ibrutinib?

What can be done when a CLL patient relapses on ibrutinib? Watch as CLL expert Dr. Richard Furman explains potential progression factors and treatment options.


Who Is a Good Candidate for CAR T-Cell Therapy?

CLL expert Dr. Jeff Sharman gives an update on CAR T-cell therapy research, which conditions it’s FDA approved for, and where it fits in the CLL treatment landscape. Watch now to learn more.


Is Chemo Safe for CLL Patients With a 17p Deletion?

What role does the 17p deletion play in determining the beginning of treatment? Tune in to hear CLL expert Dr. Jeff Sharman explain.


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Page last updated on July 18, 2019