[ Inglês] Emotional Roller Coaster: Living With Lung Cancer

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How do patients deal with the uncertainty, fear and anxiety on the roller coaster that is lung cancer today? Stage IV lung cancer survivors Laura Levaas and Marisa Wittebort share what they’ve learned since diagnosis and how they keep a positive mindset through all of the challenging highs and lows. Tune in to learn about ways to cope with changes cancer can bring.

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And so that's what we're talking about in our program.  Joining me as a co-host is Patient Power's lung cancer community manager joining us from Denver.  That's Laura Levaas, who is a stage IV lung cancer patient herself.  Hi, Laura.  

But, Laura, just a little bit of background about you.  You've had your ups and downs as a stage IV lung cancer patient, ALK positive.  So just remind us, you've been diagnosed how long ago?  

So the photo you have of me I think maybe is when I'm in the rehab facility, and I was there for a couple of weeks, just kind of learning to function again.  And I would say that was probably one of the lowest spots because at that point they weren't sure—doctors weren't sure how long I was going to live. Originally, they thought maybe it was a couple of months, but luckily I was a super responder to the type of medication that I'm taking, it's a targeted therapy, and here I am two years later just doing awesome.  

But, just as this is a roller coaster, there's no way, you know, you can't predict the future, so you really have to stay positive even through the tough periods because you're just as likely to make a comeback.  

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