Thank you for hosting this event. It was everything I, as a melanoma patient, could hope it would be. I also appreciate that you have made the slides and videos available both for myself and for my family. You did a terrific job as an MC, and all of the panelists were not only expert, but they were also focused and obviously willing to share their banks of knowledge.In addition to the information about current treatments, one fact that really helped me answer “Why me?” was the information about sunburns around the age of puberty. I’ve been spending a lot of time since the webinar apologizing to my genes!


Upcoming CLL Town Meeting

Join us in Arlington, Texas on September 28 (or watch online) to learn about the latest research and treatment news with a panel of CLL experts. Learn how doctors and CLL patients work together to ensure patients are getting the care they need. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions during our live Q&A session. Send questions in advance to Register now for this informative event.

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AML Ask the Expert Webinar

Do you have a question for an expert about acute myeloid leukemia (AML)? Guest expert Dr. Gail Roboz of Weill Cornell Medicine will answer online questions from patients and care partners about AML diagnosis, treatment and side effects. Send questions in advance to Sign up now to learn her expert knowledge.

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