State-of-the-Art Therapies for Multiple Myeloma

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On this episode of Patient Power, Andrew Schorr brings you exciting news about the latest advances in treating multiple myeloma in an interview with Dr. William Bensinger, a medical oncologist at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Dr. Bensinger offers encouraging news to multiple myeloma patients and their families about enormous improvements in treatment outlooks for patients thanks to the recent availability of a new a class of drugs. He details how successfully combined new and old drug therapies are showing noticeable changes in response levels. Dr. Bensinger explains the goal of these new therapies is to improve treatment and response rates, ultimately increasing survival rates. This exact model worked well for one of Dr. Bensinger’s patients, Una Wilson, who also joins this powerful program to share her story.

Una was shocked when she was told she had been diagnosed with active multiple myeloma. After much research, Una found that the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance was the obvious choice for treatment because they specialize in blood-related diseases and have been at the forefront of new developments for cancer treatments. Una participated in a clinical trial, with various combinations of therapies, which worked. Hear Una’s inspiring story and how she’s regaining her life after a scary diagnosis.

Listen to renowned expert, Dr. Bensinger talk about the importance of a second opinion, side effects associated with new powerful therapies, current clinical trials, therapies for older patients and why storing stem cells might help preserve future transplant options for patients.

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Andrew Schorr:

Hello and welcome once again to Patient Power, brought to you by the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. I'm Andrew Schorr. I'm delighted you could be with us once again as we connect you with a leading cancer expert from the SCCA and also an inspiring patient. Today we're going to talk about the latest advances in the treatment of multiple myeloma, and there certainly have been some, and I'm really excited about it for you. First, what I'd like to do is connect you with someone who I think is really the example of a powerful patient, Una Wilson.

Una, I know you work for the City of Seattle as a software developer. What happened last February? What began to happen to you that then took you on a journey where you became a multiple myeloma patient?


I went on a backpacking trip early last year. I hurt my back along the way. It was minor, went away, but the back pain persisted, and I went to my doctor looking for advice. Went through some physical therapy and that didn't cure things. Doctor ended up with a kidney specialist. They thought maybe where the pain was it was something to do with that, and then blood and urine tests revealed that there was more to it than that and the suspicion of myeloma came into it. And finally it was confirmed by an oncologist in June of 2007 that I had multiple myeloma.

Andrew Schorr:

So there you are, you're diagnosed with something you really had never heard of before. It must have been terrifying.

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