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The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston ranks as one of the world's most respected centers focused on cancer patient care, research, education and prevention. MD Anderson is one of only 41 comprehensive cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). For ten of the past 12 years, including 2013, MD Anderson has ranked No. 1 in cancer care in “Best Hospitals,” a survey published annually in U.S. News & World Report. MD Anderson receives a cancer center support grant from the NCI of the National Institutes of Health.

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Myeloma Empowered Patients & Expert Q&A Session

During the afternoon replay of our recent Town Meeting in Houston, Texas, a panel of myeloma experts and patients share strategies for managing life with myeloma and ways to become empowered.


How Do Doctors Use Information From MRD Testing in Myeloma?

How are minimal residual disease (MRD) test results used? Watch now to hear expert Dr. Elisabet Manasanch discuss FDA-approved methods for MRD testing, optimal timing and value of results in myeloma.


Is Maintenance Therapy Necessary for MRD-Negative Myeloma Patients?

If a myeloma patient is declared MRD-negative, do they still need maintenance therapy indefinitely? Tune in as Dr. Elisabet Manasanch gives expert advice and explains current research on patients with MRD-negative status.


Understanding M Protein Level and MRD Testing in Myeloma

What is a good M protein level range for myeloma patients? When is MRD testing recommended? Watch now to hear expert Dr. Elisabet Manasanch explain.


Can MRD Testing Be Done From Peripheral Blood?

Is there any new research on testing and monitoring of those living with myeloma? Can MRD testing only be done from the bone marrow? Watch as Dr. Elisabet Manasanch explains testing and more.


What Tests Are Used to Evaluate Myeloma Patients?

What are doctors testing in myeloma patients, and how is treatment monitored? Watch now to hear expert Dr. Elisabet Manasanch give an in-depth look at modern testing.


When Should Myeloma Patients Consider MRD Testing?

Where do minimal residual disease (MRD) tests fit in with myeloma care? Tune in to hear Dr. Elisabet Manasanch and Tiffany Richards give expert perspectives on timing and frequency of MRD tests.


Monitoring Multiple Myeloma: MRD Testing and Assessing Treatment Response

How is testing and monitoring of myeloma patient outcomes changing? Watch now to hear experts Dr. Elisabet Manasanch and Tiffany Richards give their perspectives.


Mother, Wife, Fitness Guru: Diagnosed With Myeloma in the Prime of Life

How do patients deal with an unexpected cancer diagnosis in the prime of life? Meet patient advocate Cherie Rineker as she walks us through her journey.


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