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Our mission is to fortify the health care consumer with the knowledge and tools to feel more confident playing a central role in decisions that affect their health, putting them more in control of their health and health care.

To especially empower patients and families dealing with cancer and serious, life-long chronic conditions so their “journey” can be better.

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Genetic Testing From a Myeloma Patient Perspective

How do myeloma patients view the use of genetic testing? Watch as a panel of patients and care partners share their unique experiences with genetic testing.


The Empowered Lung Cancer Thriver and Expert Chat

Patient Power’s Laura Levaas is joined by Dr. Ross Camidge to discuss the journey with lung cancer from diagnosis to treatment and becoming not only a survivor, but a thriver with today’s tools and research.


How Are Clinical Trials Covered Under Medicare Advantage Plans?

Mark Fleury breaks down Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans to help cancer patients understand the current policies and insurance coverage of trial participation. Watch now to hear from a health insurance expert.


Clinical Trial MythBusters: Is It Difficult to Participate in a Clinical Trial?

How difficult is it to participate in a trial, and what are trial sponsors doing to make it easier? Watch now to find out during this Clinical Trial MythBusters program.


What Clinical Trial Costs Do Medicare and Medicaid Cover?

How does my health plan impact the expense of a clinical trial? Watch as experts Mark Fleury and Jeanne Regnante discuss coverage of routine care costs under Medicare and Medicaid.


Cancer Coverage: How Are Medicare and Medicaid Different?

What’s the difference in coverage for Medicare and Medicaid for cancer patients participating in a clinical trial? Watch now as Mark Fleury gives a closer look at insurance policies and impact on patients.


Living With CLL: Christina's Diagnosis Story

What are some early signs of CLL, and why should you advocate for cancer screenings? Watch to hear Christina Fisher discuss symptoms and obstacles she faced before her CLL diagnosis.


Strengthening Your AML Care Team: Questions to Ask Your Doctor

What questions should AML patients ask to learn more about their treatment path? Watch as Dr. Uma Borate and Amanda Fowler cover topics for newly diagnosed to later stage patients to bring up.


Can Medicare and Medicaid Patients Participate in a Clinical Trial?

What barriers to clinical trial enrollment do cancer patients on Medicare or Medicaid face? Tune in to hear Mark Fleury discuss the current state of trial participation and vital costs for insurance to cover.


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