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Our mission is to fortify the health care consumer with the knowledge and tools to feel more confident playing a central role in decisions that affect their health, putting them more in control of their health and health care.

To especially empower patients and families dealing with cancer and serious, life-long chronic conditions so their “journey” can be better.

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How Can Patients Combat the Cost of Sophisticated Blood Tests?

How can cancer patients access the necessary diagnostic and genetic tests to receive the most precise care available? Tune in to hear Dr. Richard Schilsky discuss typical insurance coverage and best use of genetic profiling.


Understanding M Protein Level and MRD Testing in Myeloma

What is a good M protein level range for myeloma patients? When is MRD testing recommended? Watch now to hear expert Dr. Elisabet Manasanch explain.


Lung Cancer Treatment Decisions: What If Genetic Tests Don’t Reveal a Driver Mutation?

How do genetic test results influence lung cancer treatment decisions? Listen as Dr.Lecia Sequist andJanet Freeman-Daily discuss driver mutations and targeted therapies.


What Is the Relationship Between Emotional Stress and AML Prognosis?

Is there a connection between emotional distress and AML prognosis? Listen as Dr. Thomas LeBlanc shares findings from a recent clinical study on factors that influence treatment outcomes and patient response rates.


Is Clinical Trial Participation Parallel to the Pace of Drug Development?

Can low clinical trial enrollment stifle advances in cancer care? Watch as expert Dr. Richard Schilsky discusses why, especially in the age of precision medicine, trial participation is critical.


Genetic Re-Testing: Can Lung Cancer Mutations Change Over Time?

Can lung cancer patients develop different genetic mutations after treatment? Watch now to hear advice on driver mutations, targeted therapies and frequency of genetic testing.


Can MRD Testing Be Done From Peripheral Blood?

Is there any new research on testing and monitoring of those living with myeloma? Can MRD testing only be done from the bone marrow? Watch as Dr. Elisabet Manasanch explains testing and more.


What Are the Current Treatment Options for AML?

During this “What Are the Current Treatment Options for AML?” full-length replay, a panel of AML experts and patients share exciting developments in treatment research and the impact on patients. Watch now to learn more.


CLL Patient Cafe: Managing Side Effects and Symptoms

Back pain, fatigue, night sweats, sinus infections. How do CLL patients deal with unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms? Tune in as CLL patients discuss managing symptoms and side effects.


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