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Our mission is to fortify the health care consumer with the knowledge and tools to feel more confident playing a central role in decisions that affect their health, putting them more in control of their health and health care.

To especially empower patients and families dealing with cancer and serious, life-long chronic conditions so their “journey” can be better.

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Cancer and Couples: What Will a CLL Diagnosis Mean for My Relationship?

How do people adjust to life with cancer as a couple? Tune in to hear from CLL patients on how they faced a CLL diagnosis with their partner at different relationship stages.


Life With AML: Steve’s Diagnosis and Treatment Journey

What is life like with acute myeloid leukemia (AML)? Watch now as AML patient Steve Buechler shares his personal experience with AML.


CML Patient Story: A 20-Year Survivor Shares His Clinical Trial Experience

Meet CML patient advocate Mel Mann, the longest living #Gleevec survivor. Watch as he describes his clinical trial experience and how participation led to his 20+ year survival.


What Does a Teamwork Approach to Lung Cancer Care Look Like?

What is multidisciplinary lung cancer care? Tune in to hear lung cancer experts describe a team medicine approach and how team members work together.


Clinical Trial Participation: Propelling Advances in AML Treatment

Can you help in the advancement in the treatment of AML? Experts speak on the importance of clinical trials and how they can improve advancement of AML treatments for all patients.


What Is the Significance of an Allele Burden? An Expert Explains Abnormal Genes

Why is understanding an MPN patient’s allele burden important? How is it assessed? Tune in to hear MPN expert Dr. Joseph Scandura explain.


Is Chemo Safe for CLL Patients With a 17p Deletion?

What role does the 17p deletion play in determining the beginning of treatment? Tune in to hear CLL expert Dr. Jeff Sharman explain.


What Treatment Side Effects Do Prostate Cancer Patients Experience?

Adult nurse practitioner Brenda Martone discusses a range of common side effects prostate cancer patients may experience after surgery or radiation. Tune in to find out more.


Fear of Making the Wrong Decision: Finding the Appropriate Prostate Cancer Treatment for You

How can prostate cancer patients who weighing the risks, benefits and side effects of treatment options feel confident in their choice? Watch now to learn from experts.


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