Multiple Myeloma Opportunities for Research and Education (MMORE)

Our mission—our deep commitment—is to support multiple myeloma research to discover new life-prolonging treatments, improve quality of life for myeloma patients, and ultimately to find a cure.  

MMORE funds multiple myeloma research through our signature fundraising events and by supporting the fundraising efforts of individuals in communities across the country.

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Understanding Proteasome Inhibitors and Side Effects

Myeloma expert, Dr. Robert Orlowski of MD Anderson Cancer Center, discusses side effects and the role of proteasome inhibitors in myeloma treatment.


Are Cancer Patients at Risk for Second Cancers?

UCSF expert, Dr. Thomas Martin helps us understand who is at risk for secondary cancers.


Are Genetic Tests Available in Myeloma?

UCSF expert, Dr. Thomas Martin, discusses where we are with understanding the genetic connection in myeloma and whether a test can help assess familial risk.


Treatment Strategies for Managing the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

With cancer treatment, side effects are almost inevitable. So, how do we best manage side effects? Drs. Robert Orlowski and Thomas Martin, provide various treatment strategies.


Treatment Response Rates Following a Myeloma Relapse

Will certain myeloma drugs respond well if used again for relapse? MD Anderson expert, Dr. Robert Orlowski talks about being retreated with stand-alone drugs or a combination of drugs after the myeloma comes back.


Maintenance Therapy in Myeloma: When Is It Recommended?

Dr. Thomas Martin and Dr. Robert Orlowski weigh in on maintenance therapy clinical trial results and various treatment approaches pre- and post-transplant


Is There a Cure in Sight for Myeloma Patients?

Dr. Robert Orlowski helps us understand if there is a cure on the horizon for multiple myeloma.


Considering an Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant

Who are the candidates for stem cell transplant? When does it stop working? MD Anderson Cancer Center myeloma expert, Dr. Robert Orlowski, talks about the pros and cons.


Could Drugs Replace Transplant in Myeloma?

Dr. Thomas Martin helps us understand if various drugs can take the place of transplant in myeloma and what clinical research reveals.


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