I am so impressed with your work. You are one of my absolute go-to websites…thanks to your site and others we have such a clear idea of what is happening, next steps if necessary, etc. Can't thank you enough.

~Patient Power Community Member

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Cancer Costs Are Stressing Me Out: How Do I Cope?

Cancer treatment is expensive. Who can patients talk to about financial resources? Nancy Novack, from NancysList.org, explains.


Eliot Finkelstein: Health Insurance Logistics

Filming from the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, dermatomyositis patient Eliot Finkelstein joins us. Watch for his tips on dealing with health insurance.


Are Clinical Trials Only for Patients at a Certain Stage of Disease?

Dr. Liza Villaruz and Sheila Hoff discuss whether clinical trials are available to patients as a treatment option for different stages of disease and whether the risks outweigh the benefits for patients and their care partners.


The Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Health Center is sponsored by Kite Pharma.

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