You have made a big difference in my ability to live well. I haven't had treatment, but you are keeping me informed, and I don't feel alone.

~Patient Power survey respondent

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Eating for Myeloma: Tips for Creating Sensible Diet Habits

What changes can myeloma patients make to their diet for better health outcomes? Patient advocate Danny Parker shares simple steps you can take to increase valuable nutrition and what foods to emphasize during treatment.


Should Cancer Patients Avoid Added Sugars?

How can multiple myeloma patients incorporate sugar into their diet in a safe and enjoyable way? Julie Lanford from shares what patients can do to develop a healthy relationship with sugar.


Sex Concerns for Men and Women With Cancer

How can patients overcome physical and emotional challenges from cancer treatment and maintain affection with their partner? Expert Dr. Leslie Schover explains.


The Multiple Myeloma Health Center is sponsored by the Patient Empowerment Network, which has received support from Celgene and Takeda Oncology.

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Page last updated on April 20, 2018