You have made a big difference in my ability to live well. I haven't had treatment, but you are keeping me informed, and I don't feel alone.

~Patient Power survey respondent

Featured Programs

ASH 2016: Hodgkin Lymphoma News

What is the ASH 2016 news for Hodgkin lymphoma patients? Expert Dr. John Burke explains.


How to Talk About It: When Hodgkin Lymphoma Comes Back

Being diagnosed with cancer is an emotional blow. Then you have to tell people about it. Where do you start? Two patient advocates share personal perspectives on how they chose to communicate their relapse.


The Emotional Toll of a Hodgkin Lymphoma Diagnosis

Even though Hodgkin lymphoma is very frequently cured, the emotional blow of diagnosis is still significant. Watch a doctor-patient panel discuss the emotional side of this disease.


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