Living Well with CLL: A Town Meeting for Patients, Their Families and Care Partners

Sunday, March 29, 2015
Phoenix Marriott Tempe at the Buttes
Tempe, Arizona

An audience of CLL patients and their caregivers joined us at a recent town meeting at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center to hear about emerging therapies in CLL, current treatment options and support resources.

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Living Well With CLL: A Town Meeting for Patients, Their Families and Care Partners | Tempe, AZ

Featured Video

Combining Novel CLL Treatments

Are there clinical trials underway that combine powerful emerging CLL treatments? Dr. Nitin Jain and Dr. Alessandra Ferrajoli explore the success of combination trials.


Could a JAK Inhibitor Help with CLL Fatigue?

Can a JAK inhibitor such as ruxolitinib help with CLL fatigue? Dr. Nitin Jain and Dr. Alessandra Ferrajoli discuss the effectiveness of ruxolitinib (Jakafi), as well as aerobic exercise in fighting fatigue in CLL patients.


What Is ZAP-70?

What is ZAP-70, and what can it reveal about a patient’s prognosis? Drs. Nitin Jain, Alessandra Ferrajoli and Javier Munoz explain.


Finding Help for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are very much a reality for patients with CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia). Are patients aware of the resources that are out there to support the mind as well as the body? Dr. Rena Szabo explores how CLL can impact mental health.


Supplements, Diet and CLL

Andrew Schorr speaks with Shailja Amin and La Verne Abe Harris about the role of diet and supplements for people with CLL.


Becoming a Proactive Patient

Shailja Amin and CLL survivor Dr. La Verne Abe Harris discuss being proactive during treatment and how to effectively communicate with family and doctors during the treatment process.


Building the Best Care and Support Team

Andrew Schorr, founder of Patient Power talks with Dr. Szabo and guests about building a network of team support during cancer treatments.


Why Is Watch and Wait Necessary?

Why is the watch-and-wait period necessary for many people with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)? Dr. Javier Munoz explains the reasoning behind this phase, which occurs prior to treatment.


A Holistic Approach to "Watch and Wait"

What happens during the watch and wait period? Dr. Rena Szabo, licensed psychologist, discusses how a team of medical professionals work in support of their patients to give them the best care.


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Guest Presenters to Include:

Associate Professor of Medicine, Department of Leukemia, Division of Cancer Medicine

Assistant Professor, Department of Leukemia, Division of Cancer Medicine


Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

Patient Advocate

Hosted by:

Host, Patient Power Co-Founder, CLL Patient and Advocate

Online Host, CLL Patient and Advocate

This in-person town meeting was sponsored by the Patient Empowerment Network, which received educational grants from AbbVie and Genentech. It was produced in partnership with Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, CLL Global Research Foundation, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.






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