Ask the AML Expert

What Do New Drugs Mean for My AML?

May 03, 2019

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An audience of AML patients and their caregivers joined us online as AML expert Dr. Daniel Pollyea of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus answered audience questions.

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Where Does Transplant Fit Into AML Care?

During this Ask the Expert segment, Dr. Daniel Pollyea explains the role of transplant in AML care, how it has changed and good candidates for transplant. Watch now to learn more.


AML Venetoclax Treatment Regimen: Understanding Dosage

How do doctors balance treatment efficacy and toxicity for AML patients on venetoclax? Tune in to hear expert Dr. Daniel Pollyea explain the dosage considerations.


Will Novel Agents Benefit the Older AML Patient Population?

Dr. Daniel Pollyea discusses the course of care and quality of life for older AML patients. Watch now to learn about treatment tolerability, side effects novel agent outcomes.


What Testing Is Recommended Before Starting AML Treatment?

AML expert Dr. Daniel Pollyea explains what testing is recommended to identify key features of an individual’s AML before starting treatment. Watch now to learn more.


Ask the AML Expert: What Do New Drugs Mean for My AML?

‘We’ve had years and years of research that we’ve been building upon to get to this point,’ says noted AML expert Dr. Daniel Pollyea. Watch this Ask the Expert replay to learn about advances for patients.


Host & Guests

Host, Patient Power Co-Founder, CLL Patient and Advocate


Clinical Director of Leukemia Services and Chair, Hematology Research

This program is sponsored by AbbVie, Inc. It is produced by Patient Power in partnership with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and NeedyMeds.

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