LIVE Webinar: Clinical Trial MythBusters

Does the Clinical Trial Process Need an Extreme Makeover?

June 27, 2018

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An online audience of cancer patients and their care partners joined us virtually for a webcast to learn about the clinical trial process from experts.

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Precision Medicine: Can Biomarkers Help Patients Find a Good Fit for Clinical Trials?

A panel of experts discuss how precision medicine may influence trial eligibility, cost of treatment, pace of drug development and more. Can biomarkers make the clinical trial process more efficient? Watch now to find out.


Community Level Care: Are Clinical Trials Available in Small Cities?

Are innovative treatments and testing offered closer to home? Expert Dr. Mike Thompson discusses local clinical trial options for cancer patients.


Randomization in Clinical Trials: An Expert Explains Patient Equality

Patient advocate Jim Omel tackles the hot-button issue of randomization in clinical trials. What determines patient equality? How are treatments allocated amongst patients? Watch now to learn more.


How Can Clinical Trials Be Improved to Enhance the Patient Experience?

Patient advocate Jim Omel and leading expert Dr. Mike Thompson break down the design and purpose of clinical trials and give their perspective on how it could be more patient-friendly.


Does the Clinical Trial Process Need an Extreme Makeover?

In this MythBusters program, patient advocate Jim Omel and Dr. Michael Thompson examine barriers patients may face and discuss the safety and quality of clinical trial care. Does the process need a makeover? Watch now to find out more.


Transparency in Clinical Trials: Data, Safety and Monitoring of Cancer Patients

Many patients wonder; how safe are clinical trials? How transparent is the data from clinical research? Tune in to hear Dr. Mike Thompson and Jim Omel discuss clinical trial care and how the efficacy of new cancer treatments is determined.


Finding the Right Match: Advice for Patients Who Qualify for Multiple Clinical Trials

Which clinical trial is the best choice for you? Watch now to hear Dr. Mike Thompson and patient advocate Jim Omel discuss factors to consider when weighing your options and share tips for patients trying to prioritize different trials.


Host & Guests

Host, Patient Power Co-Founder, Two-Time Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocate


Medical Director for the Early Phase Cancer Research Program, Patient-Centered Research

Patient Advocate

This was a Patient Empowerment Network program produced by Patient Power. We thank Astellas, Celgene Corporation, and Novartis for their support.

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