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“Test Me First” Genomic Testing Awareness Campaign

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Cancer research is changing rapidly, but many well-meaning providers may not be familiar with the latest genomic testing options and their use. It’s important for cancer patients to understand what genomic testing is. Therefore, it’s more important, now more than ever for an informed patient, with the support of their family, to advocate for the most complete range of options and personalized care offering the hope of a longer and higher quality of life. 

To help, Patient Power and SURVIVEiT® are teaming up to launch an awareness campaign urging cancer patients to have a comprehensive genomic profiling done. Our goal is to help you be better informed about the latest understanding of state-of-the-art in genomic testing to plan personalized care and to talk to your doctor about getting tested.

We invite you to join us to help raise awareness. By participating in this campaign, you have the ability to help yourself and other patients live their best life and to have easy access to our infographic and educational videos.

Genomic Testing Videos

What Is Genomic Testing?

What is genomic testing, and why should cancer patients inquire? Watch to learn more.


How Can Genomic Profiling Benefit Breast Cancer Patients?

What is the role of genomic profiling in breast cancer? Dr. Giuseppe Curigliano explains why genomic profiling can be beneficial to patients.


Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing From a Lung Cancer Patient’s Perspective

Matt Ellefson of SURVIVEiT helps lung cancer patients make decisions on obtaining broader panel testing. Watch now to hear his expert advice.


Is Precision Medicine the Future of Cancer Treatment?

Precision Medicine is the future. Each patient is different, and each patient’s treatment will be based on your unique “body print.”



Ohio’s Statewide Trial: Accessing Free Genomic Testing in Lung Cancer

Noted lung cancer expert Dr. David Carbone discusses Ohio's statewide initiative giving patients access to free genomic testing.


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Page last updated on May 16, 2018