Measuring My Myeloma With MRD Testing: What Is My Disease State?

November 19, 2018

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An audience of myeloma patients and their care partners joined us online as myeloma experts explained the role of minimal residual disease (MRD) testing in myeloma.

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How Do Doctors Use Information From MRD Testing in Myeloma?

How are minimal residual disease (MRD) test results used? Watch now to hear expert Dr. Elisabet Manasanch discuss FDA-approved methods for MRD testing, optimal timing and value of results in myeloma.


Is There Maintenance Treatment After CAR T-Cell Therapy?

Is maintenance treatment necessary after success with CAR T-cell therapy? Watch as Dr. Elisabet Manasanch discusses research on treatment response and follow-up care.


Understanding M Protein Level and MRD Testing in Myeloma

What is a good M protein level range for myeloma patients? When is MRD testing recommended? Watch now to hear expert Dr. Elisabet Manasanch explain.


What Tests Are Used to Evaluate Myeloma Patients?

What are doctors testing in myeloma patients, and how is treatment monitored? Watch now to hear expert Dr. Elisabet Manasanch give an in-depth look at modern testing.


Monitoring Multiple Myeloma: MRD Testing and Assessing Treatment Response

How is testing and monitoring of myeloma patient outcomes changing? Watch now to hear experts Dr. Elisabet Manasanch and Tiffany Richards give their perspectives.


Mother, Wife, Fitness Guru: Diagnosed With Myeloma in the Prime of Life

How do patients deal with an unexpected cancer diagnosis in the prime of life? Meet patient advocate Cherie Rineker as she walks us through her journey.


Are New Drug Options Changing Treatment Standards and Strategies for Myeloma?

With the addition of more options for therapy, how is the treatment landscape evolving for multiple myeloma? Is the standard of care changing? Tune in to find out now from noted myeloma expert Dr. Elisabet Manasanch.


Measuring My Myeloma With MRD Testing: What Is My Disease State?

What exactly is the role of MRD testing in myeloma and is it worthwhile? Myeloma experts and patients have an in-depth conversation on how myeloma is being measured to accurately define myeloma disease states.


Host & Guests

Host, Patient Power Co-Founder, Two-Time Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocate


Assistant Professor, Department of Lymphoma/Myeloma, Division of Cancer Medicine

Myeloma Patient, Author and Blogger

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