CLL Patient Café® Series

Patient Café members connect virtually to discuss managing side effects and symptoms of CLL.

Patient Café participants discuss tools they used to face a mid-life CLL diagnosis.

Patient Café participants discuss how they took control of their CLL care to become empowered patients.

The October 2016 Patient Café members meet virtually to discuss relationships and dating life with CLL.

Learn how the August 2016 Patient Café members connect with the virtual CLL community.

The July 2016 Patient Café members explore the mind-body connection.

The members of the September 2015 Patient Café discuss clinical trials and CLL.

How do you cope with CLL as a couple and a family? The July 2015 Patient Café participants share their advice.

Patient Café participants discuss the benefits of working with a CLL specialist and tools for advocating for yourself or a loved one.

The March 2015 Patient Café members meet virtually to discuss life with CLL.
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Page last updated on June 10, 2019