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The goal of our new Partners series on Patient Power is to create conversation around a variety of complex topics that CLL patients face. Partners will give CLL patients an opportunity to deliberate a variety of complex topics amongst one another while including a CLL specialist to provide an expert perspective.

CLL Disease Monitoring: Coping With the Fear of Relapse

How can CLL patients cope with uncertainty and the fear of relapse? Listen in as Carol Preston shares her coping strategies.


Finding a Healthy Balance: Tools for Managing CLL-Related Stress

How does psychological stress affect people living with CLL? Watch as CLL patients and mental health professionals discuss the impact and strategies for stress management.


Relapses in CLL: Allaying Fears and Taking Action

This Partners program features expert Dr. Nitin Jain, CLL patients Carol Preston, James Miller and Andrew Schorr. Listen in as the panel focuses on remission duration, retreatment and fear of relapse.


Exploring CLL Treatment Options: Finding the Most Effective Care

Since CLL care is not one-size-fits-all, how do doctors and patients work together to find the most suitable treatment? Watch as Dr. William Wierda shares his expertise along with CLL patients.


Are Community Oncologists Informed About Nuances in CLL Care?

Are community oncologists informed on the ever-changing CLL treatment landscape? Listen as expert Dr. William Wierda explains how patients can find the best approach to manage their CLL.


Confidence in Your CLL Care Team: Best Practices in Partnership and Self-Advocacy

How can CLL patients advocate for themselves throughout their treatment journey? Tune in to hear both CLL expert and patient perspectives on ways to be your own best advocate and partnering with your doctor.


CLL Symptom Management: How to Reduce CLL-Related Fatigue

What can patients do to reduce CLL-related fatigue? Watch now to hear CLL expert Dr. William Wierda give expert tips to boost energy levels.


Advocating for the Latest CLL Treatment Options

How can CLL patients get the best treatment? Tune in to hear CLL expert Dr. William Wierda, CLL patients and Andrew Schorr on ways to partner with your care team and in making treatment decisions.


The CLL Partners Series is sponsored by Pharmacyclics.

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Page last updated on July 11, 2019