LIVE Webinar: Clinical Trial MythBusters

What Is the Value of Diversity in Clinical Trials?

November 01, 2018

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An online audience of cancer patients and their care partners joined us virtually for a webcast to learn about the clinical trial process from experts.

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Is Clinical Trial Participation Parallel to the Pace of Drug Development?

Can low clinical trial enrollment stifle advances in cancer care? Watch as expert Dr. Richard Schilsky discusses why, especially in the age of precision medicine, trial participation is critical.


Are Clinical Trial Designs Becoming More Patient-Friendly?

How is the process for clinical trials written with patients in mind? Tune in to hear noted expert Dr. Richard L. Schilsky explain changes in clinical trial care to help patients and researchers.


What’s the Follow-Up Plan After a Clinical Trial?

What happens after a patient participates in a clinical trial for cancer treatment? Watch now to hear both patient and expert perspectives on post-trial follow-up care.


How Can Experts Overcome Language and Cultural Barriers to Increase Clinical Trial Participation?

How are researchers helping to improve participation by minorities in clinical trials? Watch as expert Dr. Richard Schilsky discusses language and cultural barriers.


Why Are Minorities Often Underrepresented in Clinical Trials?

How can ethnic minorities gain access to more clinical trials? Watch as clinical trial experts Dr. Richard Schilsky and Cecelia Mann share their perspectives.


CML Patient Story: A 20-Year Survivor Shares His Clinical Trial Experience

Meet CML patient advocate Mel Mann, the longest living #Gleevec survivor. Watch as he describes his clinical trial experience and how participation led to his 20+ year survival.


Clinical Trial MythBusters: What Is the Value of Diversity in Clinical Trials?

Is diversity, gender, age and ethnicity important in clinical trials? Mel Mann, a 20+ year CML survivor and a a highly respected leader in the field of clinical oncology weigh in.


Host & Guests

Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, ASCO

Patient Advocate, Longest Living #Gleevec Survivor

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