Dear Dr. Gupta (Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon and CNN Chief Medical Correspondent),

I congratulate you and CNN on covering medical issues so frequently and often in-depth. There's much too little of this in the mainstream media. I am writing to offer a suggestion: please expand your coverage to include the patients' perspective where the patients and family members are the correspondents and not just supplying sound bites.

This has become an age of healthcare consumerism and we, the consumer, need a daily voice on CNN just as much as you, the physician. Can you ask CNN President John Klein if he will consider such expansion? Surely it has as much validity as adding drop-dead gorgeous female anchors on Headline News (I am not being critical, I really like it and kudos to perky Robin Meade who is fun to watch).

I have one further suggestion that will seem self serving, but if I don't speak up maybe you won't know: I'd like to offer myself as your patient-advocate sidekick. I am an almost 12-year-leukemia survivor who just happens to have an extensive journalism and radio and television background. Plus I have interviewed thousands of doctors and patients over the years as I have helped pioneer an effort to empower "smarter patients."

Let me know if I can help. I would be honored. I can't do neurosurgery like you, but I think I can be a worthy partner in bringing more value on health issues to the American public. And I know many of my patient-advocate friends would be happy to join in too.

A loyal viewer,