I am learning what it is like to be a pioneer back in the old days and it isn't easy with a family!

Thursday night we had a huge windstorm in Seattle and 1 million people are without power, including our family. The power lines near our home – and on our entire island town, Mercer Island, WA (22,000 people) – look like spaghetti. And the nearest transformer looks as if it has been bombed out. The 69 mile an hour gusts blew 100 foot tall Douglas Fir Trees around like matchsticks. One fell into the roof of a neighbor's house. We're okay but will probably have no light or heat for a week.

I do have a generator but had not maintained it well enough. After many, many calls to the generator manufacturer's technical support line I got it working – after about five hours! It was very frustrating.

After about 1 hour of use the muffler broke and fell off the generator. Now I am searching for where to get it fixed. This is quite an adventure!

But I was able to broadcast Sunday on important topics: minimally invasive surgery for women with Robin, a police detective who benefited, and her doctor, Alan Rothblatt; and then the latest on blood cancers like Lymphoma with Dr. Andy Evens from Northwestern. Lots of great information so be sure and keep an eye out for the replays.