Treatment Journey 

The treatment you will receive depends on a number of things, such the subtype of AML you have, or your age and fitness level.

Your treatment will be made up of several phases. Each phase is important for destroying leukaemia cells and preventing recurrence. The first is called induction therapy, and aims to kill leukaemia cells in your blood and bone marrow to put your AML into remission. Next, you will undergo consolidation therapy, which is given to kill any remaining inactive leukaemia cells that may begin to grow again. If remission induction is unsuccessful, or if your disease relapses in the year or two following induction and consolidation therapy, you may need further salvage therapy to bring your leukaemia back into remission. Finally, you may receive maintenance therapy, which is given over the longer term to help prevent the risk of relapse. Throughout this journey, supportive care will also be provided to help to minimise the side-effects associated with your disease and treatment.  


Page last updated on April 4, 2017