About Lung Cancer: A Shareable Guide for Patients, Family and Friends


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About Lung Cancer: A Shareable Guide for Patients, Family and Friends


Lung cancer is the growth of abnormal cells that, in most cases, starts in the lining of the air passageways of the lungs. As tumors form, they can spread to other lung tissue and eventually to other parts of the body.

  • There are two major types of lung cancer: non-small cell lung cancer and small-cell lung cancer. 
  • Non-small cell lung cancer, which has three subtypes, is the most common form. Small-cell lung cancer is less common and tends to spread quickly to other body organs early in the disease. Each type is treated differently. 
  • When lung cancer is detected early, surgery can often be curative. However, typically lung cancer is spotted when it is more advanced, and prognosis is most often poor. 
  • Recently, new targeted therapies are giving new hope to a subset of patients who have specific genetic subtypes of lung cancer. 
  • It's crucial that patients have a very specific diagnosis, so they get the personalized care they deserve either with FDA-approved therapies or with promising treatments in clinical trials.


Lung Cancer Support

A diagnosis of lung cancer can be overwhelming for the entire family. Open discussion between family members, health professionals and patients can help ensure the best care. There are many different places to find a wide range of information on lung cancer. We encourage you to join our community and to check out our brief videos to find the most up-to-date information from leading experts about support, new treatments, clinical trials, communication, financial issues and much more.

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Lung Cancer Videos and Transcripts

What Is Lung Cancer?

What is lung cancer? Many of us know that it is a disease that can greatly affect our lives and even put our lives in danger, but what is it? How is it developed, detected and treated? Drs. David Carbone and Scott Antonia provide answers.


A Look at the Immune System When Fighting Lung Cancer

Drs. David Carbone and Scott Antonia explain how tumors are like humans, and they need nutrients to survive. Without those nutrients, they will die, which is why the process of angiogenesis is so important in the fight against cancer.


Decades of Progress in Lung Cancer

Dr. Scott Antonia, chair of the Department of Thoracic Oncology at Moffitt Cancer Center, encourages all patients to investigate and participate in clinical trials in order to take advantage of the latest medical advances.


The Evolving Role of Surgery in Lung Cancer

Laboratory scientist Dr. Susan Leclair sits down with Lurie Cancer Center expert Dr. Malcolm DeCamp to discuss the increasing role of surgery in lung cancer for both early stage and advanced disease patients


Avoiding Cancer Diet Hype: Doing What Feels Right

Is there a specific diet that cancer patients should follow? Tune in to hear Drs. David Carbone and Scott Antonia discuss their expertise in the matter.


Deana Hendrickson: No One Deserves Lung Cancer

Co-founder of the hugely successful social media campaign on lung cancer awareness, #LCSM Chat, Deana Hendrickson, challenges the old stigma of lung cancer equals smoker.


Why Should Lung Cancer Patients Consider a Clinical Trial?

Why should lung cancer patients consider a clinical trial? Tune in to hear Dr. Lecia Sequist and Janet Freeman-Daily answer and share research highlights from a recent lung cancer conference.


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Page last updated on June 13, 2019