I am so impressed with your work. You are one of my absolute go-to websites…thanks to your site and others we have such a clear idea of what is happening, next steps if necessary, etc. Can't thank you enough.

~Patient Power Community Member

Upcoming Clinical Trial MythBusters Webinar

Many cancer patients feel that the clinical trial process is in need of a serious makeover. One of them is Jim Omel. Jim, a retired oncologist Iiving with multiple myeloma, turned patient advocate, makes it his business to understand myeloma from the inside out. Join Jim and Dr. Michael Thompson, medical director for the Early Phase Cancer Research Program at the Aurora Research Institute and an active clinical researcher for a LIVE webinar at Noon Pacific/3 pm Eastern online from the comfort of your own home.

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Patient-Powered Recipes

By watching these short segments, you can develop your own recipe book full of patient-led, feel-good healthy meals. Tune in now to see what foods and recipes our patients say help them feel good and most of all, live well. If you have a meal that makes you feel healthy or gives you energy to do the things you love, just submit your recipe and a photo of yourself to recipes@patientpower.info.

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